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October 13, 2018

A Blooming Mystery

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A Blooming mystery

On the altar where I meditate is a Christmas Cactus.  This little friend instructs as I observe my breath, showing me all of life in its life. All the moments occurring together silently fill the space of perception with truth’s beauty………..


Tiny, tiny bulges imperceptibly emerge at the end of some leaves, becoming  blooms…. Larger and still tiny pink  dots at the end of other leaves, silently drift into buds……brighter, larger buds extend from other leaves….some buds already are large purple pink blooms  expanding more slowly than my perception, becoming  open…..full blooming, elegant delicate purple-pink ruffled trumpets on many leaves joyfully extend to their maximum, stretching, becoming…. All these stages of one movement….tiny bulges, pink dots, buds, blooms, one breath……..


Brownish purple blooms which have let go of the plant and been released by the plant lie on the altar……withering, shrinking, disappearing back into the mystery.


Some darkened buds are beginning to close back into themselves,  letting go of their place and time on the plant…..other dry, dark crisp buds have given their bodies, and intention, as birth, growth and death……… breath arriving, being, departing.

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August 3, 2018

Moms is your child getting a better dad than you did?

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family conflict 4

If your answer is no, then consider doing something about the situation.

Life, all life, comes from an endless supply of growth and care. As parents we assume this caretaker role for our children.

So if your children are not getting the best of their dads, what can you do?  If this question leads to what feels like a roadblock with the father of your children, it’s likely you are still feeling a need for something from your father, and don’t know what to do about it.  Does your connection with your father feel uncomfortable?

Consider that your discomfort with your dad might be interfering with your mate role with your children’s father.  Stop for a moment and let yourself feel the emotion of being ‘blocked’ with your own father.  Is this similar to what you feel with your children’s father? Is the feeling perhaps what your children are experiencing with their dad?

Delving into emotions with courage, trust and words is a challenge most women face in helping their mates learn to father. Take a look at your emotions in this area and sit quietly with them.  Then, come back into the present moment, the moment of observing part of your life you’d like to shape differently, meaning your children’s safety and nurture with their dad, and choose another emotion, a different emotion that the conflict or blocking feeling.

Breathe this new emotion into your body for the simple experience of calming your learned conflict response. Replace it now with an intentional emotion which you value and trust. Breathe it in and out several times. Let yourself feel the wisdom.

Now, look around at your world, the immediate surroundings you see and hear.  Now what?

family play 1



December 9, 2017

Father and son quotes

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  • Ralph & Greyson 11-28-020006
  • Who is this Self upon whom we meditate? -Aitareya Upanishad
  • You are love giving form to itself, no fear now……  (song lyric)
  • Our attitude determines the kind of experiences that come to us. The love attitude brings harmony of experience; the fear attitude, confusion. –Nona L. Brooks
  • It is when you put your hand in the mud and mire and do a dirty job that you learn to be humble. -Satchidananda
  • Heaven is lost merely for the lack of a perception of harmony. –Ernest Holmes
  • If children were trusted to discover God at the center of their own hearts the world would be at peace. – Parent’s Tao Te Ching
  • My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is, and why it exists at all.  –Stephen Hawking.
  • In reality there is only one state; when distorted by self identification, such a state is called a person;  when colored with the sense of being, it is the witness; when colorless and limitless, it is called the Supreme.  -Nisargadatta
  • Affirmation: Every person I meet today is Love taking form.
  • Mind-breath practice:

think one of the words  below on the in-breath and out breath….. and then the next word …..repeat and  continue until you feel calm  and connection…..repeat during the day as often as you remember

…sharing ………

……harmonizing  ……                              Rannigan women 3 generations

…loving …..

April 20, 2013

Learning and Change

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As we live we react to the world around us.  As we react to the world around us we store information about how our reactions to the world turned out.   Every interaction we have with the world is stored in our memory.  The longer we live the more information we store and the more sophisticated our library of life becomes.

As we live we react to the world around us while drawing information from the library of our life.  Our stored memory acts as a guidance system to help us understand how things will probably turn out.   What we experienced in the past becomes the basis for how we respond in the present.  It’s a pretty cool system, guaranteeing we will know whats dangerous, fun, difficult, painful, pleasurable

June 17, 2012

Some Fathers

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Some Fathers                        For David, Devin and Chase  2012


Some fathers never know they have a child.

    Taken by circumstances…..

          death, lust, ignorance, occupation….

    some fathers leave their child

     as they do their breath

   not knowing it’s there

   or its value


Some fathers go back for their child

  or their child finds them

  along life’s journey

    strangers touching tentatively

feeling their way to the familiar


Some fathers live to have a child….

   to dedicate their hearts

             and minds

                  and bodies

   living their futures together

     into this life

      with all it brings

      no matter what

        willing to die into the moment

           to feed life to their child.


Some children know only their father’s absence.


Some struggle thru their lives to find him.


All desire to learn their father’s heart

    enough to trust the heart

       beating through both of them




November 11, 2010

Practicing Forgiveness

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A simple tool for practicing forgiveness is this question:  Whom don’t I trust?

When we ask ourselves to identify beings we don’t trust, we are asking the universe to show us information we have chosen to store away inside us in memories and emotions.  If you try this exercise now you will receive an answer.   The answer is from your inner, infinite wisdom, and you will have your assignment.  This is the person you charged with forgiving.

The next step, which is a very peaceful and calming practice, is assuming the perspective of one who sees the whole world and all its inhabitants.  Try this and see what happens.  

A perspective that views the entire planet requires being out there away from your body in a way, and yet we can see we are still connected to this body with our conscious mind. 

Seeing the whole world and its inhabitants (including our own selves) puts us in touch with the energy that is willing to be everyone and everything…..this is Love.   Simple opening to this possibility brings a response that is universal….an immediate and spontaneous sense of understanding and caring for all beings, including that person you remembered not trusting.

For a second (or longer as we practice) we can experience forgiveness of individuals or groups, by simply opening to the intention of accepting all life as part of us.

In Christianity, this is forgiveness.  In Buddhism this is tonglen.   Peace

May 24, 2010

No other person can make you less or more

No other person can make you less or more.

You are already whole, perfect complete.   Any experience to the contrary is part of your exploration of the greater self.

As we experiment and search about for peace and comfort and  satisfaction, playing with power and pain, we all wonder about others and their roles in our lives.  Inevitably we imagine other people making us happy or unhappy, more or less.

Assuming there is a deficit in our life,   a loss, brings it into our experience.  When we attribute this thought to someone else’s life, thinking, acting, speaking, we invent a reality that is just not true and contradicts the nature of life.

When we invent realities which contradict life’s loving essence,  life responds with an experience of isolation, pain, sadness, fear.    These uncomfortable emotions are in their essence loving and well intended, guiding us back to being loving of our selves through our thinking.   This includes recognizing our true nature is love, and therefore infinite.

January 24, 2010

A few reminders…..

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Through my conscious unity of my humanity with the Ultimate, the Ultimate brings joy and peace to everyone I meet.

I establish relationship with this person through the Ultimate that is both of us.

I am made of that which becomes all.

My teachers are words and nature, feelings of thoughts floating through, rising and falling with or without my calling becoming just becoming for me and you

I am the rich and the poor

I am all prosperers and all they prosper by.

Be a blessing to self and others by being conscious unity of the  human and the Ultimate, opening its peace and joy to everyone

My greatest joy is in knowing you give yourself completely to everyone, everything.

Delusion, the root of conflict, is mental separation of the human from the Ultimate.

Each delusion is a doorway to unity, a reminder of freedom within the Ultimate.   I accept doubt as a springboard back into the Ultimate unity.

My humanity is constantly and instantaneously balanced by and within the Ultimate

I cannot limit Ultimate love, though I may use it to fashion suffering for myself and others.

November 14, 2009

calm delight

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Rannigan women 3 generationswilling to become all growing, dying, flowering, breathing, singing, moving, flying, swimming, drawing, watching, hearing, enjoying,suffering, discovering, just to be, just to be in calm delight

October 6, 2009

Fathers: how to hurt your children in 5 easy steps

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 1. Attack your children with your body, words and thoughts.

2. Abandon your children and their mother.

3. Live with them but don’t show them affection and compassion.

4.  Think poorly of yourself

5. Show them very little interest in their unfolding lives

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